Collinsville Gateway Center

1 Gateway Drive, Collinsville, IL 62234

Ghoul Haus Rocks Drag Show

The Ghoul Haus Rocks Drag Show is returning for its sophomore performance!

You can be a part of it, too!

  • Please fill out the form if you would like to participate in the Ghoul Haus Rocks Drag Show for Anime Senpai 2022. Applications will close on September 7, 2022. If applications fill prior to the deadline, we will continue taking submissions for a waitlist to fill a spot should one become available.
    SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF ACCEPTANCE. We will email all accepted performers with their status after September 7, 2022.
    Email the director at if you have any questions.
Performance Rules and Expectations:

Participants are expected to arrive at the stage no later than 1 hour before the show begins to do music checks and go over show expectations.

– All levels of performers are welcome from first-timers to veterans!

– Participants must be at least 16 years of age.

– Please keep music and performances PG-13. Please ask the director if you’re unsure. Please keep music to about 4 minutes long max. Music must be emailed to the director in advance in mp3 or AAC format. NO YOUTUBE VIDEOS, SPOTIFY LINKS, APPLE MUSIC LINKS, OR STREAMING LINKS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO CELLPHONES OR IPODS WILL BE USED TO PLAY MUSIC. All music must be DRM-free.

– Music will be first come, first served if a song is selected by multiple performers. Have at least 2 options in mind.

– Participants are expected to arrive dressed and ready to perform. There will not be time, proper lighting, or room to change and do makeup backstage.

– Participants can interact with the audience in ways that are not invasive or that break any COVID protocols. Participants are not required to stay on the stage and can move about the entirety of the room.

– Tipping performers is allowed and encouraged. Participants may keep any tips earned.

– Please clear all dangerous stunts (including kicks, flips, running jumps, death drops, etc.) with the director in advance of the show. By filling out this form, you assume all responsibility for any injuries or damage due to your performance.

– Please do not bring any friends or family to the main room before the show starts. Back stage is reserved only for performers and staff and early seating is reserved only for VIP ticket holders.

– Be cool to one another!

– Submitting this application is NOT a guarantee of acceptance though we will try to include as many people as possible. All selected performers will receive an acceptance email.